Do you deliver to me?

Currently we are delivering throughout the Conejo Valley and West Los Angeles. We will be adding additional locations and drop off spots soon! Look at the delivery schedule to see if your location is available.

Can I freeze my soup?

Yes! Just make sure you loosen the lid and remove some of the product so there is space to expand (we recommend a minimum of an inch from soup to the top of the jar). We now offer Fresh Frozen soups online and at the markets. These are soups that were frozen at the kitchen, thus the name “Fresh Frozen”. If you are buying several soups at one time, consider ordering one or two “fresh frozen” to extend your Soup du Jar experience!

What are Crunchy Bits and do they come with my purchase?

Crunchy Bits are our little nuggets of joy that perfectly compliment the flavor of your soup. They typically come in a couple varieties: sliced and baked corn tortilla with a lime zest, and toasted and salted rustic bread chunks (similar to croutons). They are free with our featured soup(s) of the week, but you can purchase a packet of Crunchy Bits any time!

Is Soup du Jar a good gifting idea?

Yes! We offer gift cards, weekly and monthly subscriptions, or simply place an order online as a gifted delivery. Soup du Jar is perfect for folks trying to limit their exposure to the public as well as those recovering from illness, experienced a loss, recently had a baby, or simply aren’t in a position to cook. Not to mention, Soup du Jar is awesome as a “just because” gift!

How many servings in a jar?

Each jar is a quarter gallon (32 ounces). We find this serves three adults for a light dinner or two for a very filling meal! If you’re adding something along with the soup, such as our Rustic Tomato Bisque paired with a grilled cheese sandwich, a jar can easily be four to five servings. 

What should I do with the jars when I'm done? 

Soup du Jar recognizes both the need for sustainability of the environment as well as the body. We offer all our products in an earth-conscious and responsible manner. That’s why our packaging makes all effort to use glass containers, and why we encourage reuse by offering a dollar discount on your next order for each jar you return back to us. If purchasing at the farmer’s market, bring your jars with you, or if we’re delivering to you, simply leave your empties at your doorstep.

How do I know what to add to the soup? 

We think the soups are pretty good on their own, but we’re intentionally prudent with salt and ingredients that some might find “spicy”. So if you prefer a bit more seasoning, have at it! In addition to our Crunchy Bits, consider topping your soup off with shredded cheese, perhaps some hot sauce, sliced avocado or other veggies or perhaps a dollop of sour cream (or dairy free substitute)! Last, you can also checkout the weekly online “Tasting Notes” for additional suggestions and pairings. We love it when we hear how our customers make our soup even more special!

Do you have a store? 

We do not have a retail store, but we’re now available online as well as at the Agoura and Calabasas Farmer’s Markets on Saturdays, and Brentwood, Melrose and Westlake Village markets on Sunday.

Does our soup need to be refrigerated? How long will it last in the fridge?

Yes, because we do not use preservatives or additives, all our products require refrigeration. We recommend most soups and dressing should be consumed within seven to ten days.


How do I thaw my fresh frozen soup?

If you simply take the soup out of the freezer and put in the fridge, it will take about two days for it to be fully defrosted. Therefore we recommend placing the frozen container into a warm water bath to expedite the defrosting process.